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Accueil Articles Le site, généralités Art Humour Gros nez Anti-Héros Dessins Fantaisie Science Fiction Fantastique Super-héros Contes et Légendes Historique Evenement Crayonnés - Esquisses Histoires érotiques Séries de récits Brèves Thématiques Ebooks Vers les histoires de sexe Dans le passé, il m’est déjà arrivé de faire une fellation à un petit copain du lycée, mais je ne suis jamais allé plus loin.

Et je compte me préserver le plus que je peux, malgré l’envie de connaître des sensations qui paraissent intenses et magiques.

I suspect the tale was exaggerated, but, I also wouldn’t be surprised if every word was true. It was a good rule of thumb to always give into Beth, but never right away.

I liked that she wanted to be the center of attention. She drew you in so she could control your position in her world. This information will be important to keep in mind for later on in my recounting of events.

I didn't mind standing in the background, observing. If she controlled the how, why, and when you got close than she knew where you were at all times. Every one of my relationships I've been the sexually assertive one. Saturday rolled around, and we went to our favorite dive bar.

To everyone else she was an immeasurable force, but to me I saw her as fragile; ready to break. It scared me that I saw things in here that others couldn’t see. I've done the tying up, and the choking, and the slapping. It was the kind of place where drunk people played pool on quarter operated tables.

She had a personality that made people want to be near her, even if they didn’t know her. Look at how sexy you are, getting ready to take that big fat cock in your mouth.”Beth moaned a litany of obscenities, one after another as she came, but her hand never slowed down.

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Ma bouche se dirige vers son cou, je lui fais pleins de bisous, et je le vois se tordre de plaisir.

Groups of people flocked to her, laughing as she told one vulgar story after another.

The story she told most often was about how she made a "slut" lick her clit so long, the girl got nerve damage in her mouth.

Il se couche sur le dos, je me mets à califourchon sur lui, et je lui fais un câlin habillé. Puis au fur et à mesure, je lui enlève sa chemise, son pantalon, il fait de même avec mes vêtements. J’ai des petits picotements dans le bas de mon ventre.

Face à face, nous nous caressons, nous nous embrassons avec passion, je suis vraiment aux anges.

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