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Modern civilization is becoming voluntarily deaf, a condition being imposed by our technology much more rapidly than the human ear could possibly evolve to cope with it.Some, being inveterate risk-takers, may actively pursue this condition.This is, however, but one aspect of diminishing sound quality today.The proliferating use of mediocre (and worse) earbuds as preferred listening devices is going hand-in-hand with the employment of compressed sound files as sources, resulting in vastly compromised listening experiences that deliver a frighteningly small fraction of the sound spectrum.

But in what just “war” was my distinguished colleague fighting?

Many others are unwittingly sucked into it without complaining, like the frogs in the pot of slowly but steadily heating water.

A smaller group is actively distressed and protesting, but their voices are steadily drowned out by the very situation being protested.

—and often even on the ears of those in surrounding vehicles?

If the recorded music I hear from the house down the block when I step out my front door is already too loud for my comfort from where I’m standing, how must this music sound to those inside the house?

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