Dating a guy with social anxiety

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I realized that i have very bad anxiety esp when it comes to dating. For many people it takes talk anxiety away to good level, it did alot of for me. For many people it takes talk anxiety away to good level, it did alot of for me. The last guy said i wasn't what he was looking for on and on.

My heart starts beating fast and i feel the blood drain from my legs at the thought of a relationship. He's an older guy, which i suppose was a mistake dating him.

Lastly, we look at sufferers who fear writing in public.

Signing forms or other documents in public is a trivial act to most people.

Ive thought abt dating skmeone for a few months and then dumping them before they dump me. It is bound to happen rejection but if you keep dating one after the other one is bound to stick with you and work out in the end.

I feel like i have to watch every move i make and every word i say. I acknowledge not dating for years hurts my social skills. My anxiety is ruining whats left of our friendship. Kind of steel yourself for the rejection if it comes shrug it off and get straight back out there.

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I should be able to get into a long term relationship with no problem, but i cant. If you feel on every date I hope this is the one and place all your emotional eggs in that one basket you are going to feel demolished y it if he rejects you,but if you just treat it as a try and see no investment to start with it is easier.Dating With Social Anxiety Did you know social phobia sufferers are far less likely to get married or even date for that matter?Dating is one of the social interactions that people with social anxiety disorder fear.Then i don't date for several years which i know makes things worse. Join the discussion and Ask a Question (or answer one by commenting!

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