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But did the lead actors' careers survive after the show was canceled?

Keep reading to find out what Ben Mc Kenzie, Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody, Mischa Barton, and other cast members have been up to since The O.

Once the pilot aired, however, Schwartz and Fox managed to turn those disadvantages to the show’s favor.

The summer start-date enabled Fox to air the now-infamous pilot three times while growing a devoted audience.

Fortunately, Mischa Barton is doing much, much better than Marissa Cooper.

If Brody and Meester adopt a rabbit named Pancakes, my mind will explode.

Ben Mc Kenzie, who of course played Ryan Atwood on the hit show, recently went on the Nerdist podcast Making It With Riki Lindhome, where he talked about everything from growing up in Texas to the “whirlwind” that was After being cast “with maybe like a week or two” before the pilot was shot, Mc Kenzie was quite literally thrown into the world of Josh Schwartz’s Orange County.

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He was patient but stern, silly but wise, and, oh right, had a heart of GOLD. While the show has been off the air since 2007, its cultural impact has lasted through the years, including its hand in launching reality TV's fascination with the Southern California county. — aka the defining teen soap opera of the early 2000s — is over a decade old.Schwartz’s inexperience and youthful energy proved invaluable in creating a teen drama that represented a departure from predecessors like .And the cast—well, it wasn’t filled with unknowns for very long as they weren’t unknown for very long: stars Ben Mc Kenzie, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson quickly became some of the most recognizable young actors on television. Abandoned by his mother, troubled teen Ryan Atwood (Mc Kenzie) is taken in by the Cohens, a loving family living in the affluent community of Newport Beach, California.

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