Does updating the firmware on the lg ku990 void warranty

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If your kit 'stops working', or doesn't work properly, then you can take it back to the retailer for them to fix under the warranty.Signs of physical damage might void the warranty, so keeping it in a protective case will help keep it safe.It's also worth remembering that most manufacturer's warranties apply only to the original purchaser and are not transferrable.A proof of purchase is usually required to get warranty service.Inside your device are tamper-evident labels that will break or tear when your phone is opened up – and once these are broken, the warranty is void.Sometimes these prevent your kit being taken apart entirely, and some allow minor changes like battery or screen replacement.Cosmetic wear and tear is also not covered – so if you keep the phone in your pocket or bag with keys or change, you may want to consider getting a case or cover for extra protection.

Some restrictions apply – so it’s important to know what is and isn’t covered under the warranty, and how long it lasts for.If you get your screen replaced by an accredited repairer, any remaining warranty will still be valid should you need a repair later on.Or, you can make some money back from a damaged phone by trading it in, even if the screen is completely smashed.Most Android manufacturers prohibit any form of rooting, and installation of custom firmware (normally referred to as ROMs). Custom ROMs can bring new or exciting features to your kit, but they also open the phone up to possible security risks and you can never be 100% certain of their reliability.If your device has been rooted or had new firmware added, then neither the retailer or the most manufacturer will cover it under warranty.

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