Eddie izzard dating

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Eddie Izzard is a man well placed to stop Jeremy Corbyn’s latest powergrab on the Labour Party, but he will not say whether he actually wants to do so. It was approved by the party conference in October.

I know what I am.'He's wearing a suit and no make-up today; is that because he woke up in a blokey mood this morning? Like all straight transvestites, I know my military history. That just sits there for 20 years doing nothing, then one day decides to blow up. We would write letters to our MPs.'Laughter is always just below the surface with Izzard. He is quite subtle in the way he wears make-up, I suggest, but why are some men so obvious about it? Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.

Eddie honed his stand-up skills as a street performer at London’s Covent Garden.

His early fans, it's safe to assume, consisted primarily of American tourists and professional pick-pocketers.4.

Read on for ten fascinating facts about the mirth-maker, thespian and self-proclaimed "action transvestite".1. His family moved to Northern Ireland when he was a toddler, before relocating to Wales and eventually Sussex.2.

Eddie began a Maths and Financial Accounting degree at Sheffield University, but quit before he graduated to pursue his comedy career.3.

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