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When I scroll through my Instagram I see all of my favorite bloggers gazing into the eyes of their beloved boyfriends and husbands and that’s very sweet and I’m so happy they’ve found love but It’s the new norm and navigating the waters of Tinder and Bumble isn’t like your typical dating scene. I feel like guys just swipe right on every girl they see while they scratch their bellies and ask their roommates if there’s any Bud Light left. We’re hoping to sift through all of the fratty dudes wearing scarves and boat shoes (yes, Marina, I’m talking to you), the grimey deadbeats who only have “420 friendly, come througghhhh” in their bios and the pretentious techies with terrible style and zero game who think they’re hot shit because they work for a startup (San Francisco life, unfortunately). Who’s kind and smells good and has an actual personality. So while we’re playing this game of waiting three days to text back and saying we’re out with the girls when we’re really at home picking out a facemask, You just have to be willing to take the risk of spending an evening enduring someone’s lame story about their “legendary” high school basketball game. And if you’re wondering why I don’t try to meet guys outside of online dating apps, it’s because I’m not around any.

If the literal act of flipping through people like a menu (“I’ll take the guy with the Austrailian accent who’s playfully snuggling a corgi please! I work from home and before this, I worked at Victoria’s Secret for 6 years and wasn’t exactly looking to date any creepy married dudes.

Dragging out the texting phase forever does not ensure that you’ll actually like this person in real life.Either end the relationship or be loyal to one girl. Girls always find out and you’ll cause them more pain when they figure out your falsehoods- like for example, if you lie about being single. Don’t say that you have similar values and aspirations just to make a girl feel more comfortable. I’ve been noodling on the idea of adding dating to my lifestyle section for a while now because if I’m being honest, it’s a pretty big part of my life. And yeah, okay, I wish every freaking day that I was Carrie Bradshaw and this is my weak attempt at being her WHATEVER.You’re not trying to meet up with an ax murderer or someone super annoying (both equally terrible fates).You want to take your time to make sure you feel comfortable.

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