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Leg cramps are painful and usually last a few seconds or minutes.

RLS sufferers also experience crawling, aching and tingling sensations, usually in their lower legs.

Lasting anywhere from a few seconds to several excruciating minutes, cramps occur when irritated nerves send muscles a signal to repeatedly contract.

No one knows for sure exactly what causes cramps in otherwise healthy adults, but a number of risk factors may make older people more susceptible, says Basil Eldadah, M.

Standing, sitting or lying in certain positions can aggravate muscles and lead to cramps.

Sleeping on your back under covers that are tightly tucked in can press down your toes, possibly causing calf and foot muscles to tighten, and cramp.

As we age, we become less sensitive to thirst and often drink less as a result.

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Studies have not proven that dehydration causes leg cramps, but it may contribute to them.Also, try to avoid high heels, which can stress foot and calf muscles by keeping them in a shortened or tightened position for long periods of time.The Husthwaite Newsletter is published bi-monthly and is delivered free of charge to every home in Husthwaite. Still, some experts recommend loosening muscles that are prone to cramping by doing stretches before bed.“Stretching may help and it has minimal risk,” says Eldadah.

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