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The attention she received from her friend's Aunt Sandy made those feelings even more intense.Sandy sat and spoke to her as a person; talking and listening to her as if they were the same age.Later that evening Sandy, who had been stroking Linda's hair as they talked, kissed her for the first time.It was just a light kiss, but one that Linda would never forget.She felt so comfortable with the older woman that it really didn't seem to her as if there was much of an age difference.

I had my way, I’d go with you, and did not take money for such a gem! Linda was the youngest, having just turned eighteen a little while ago. She is a petite redhead who was introduced to Sandy through Sandy's niece, who was her teammate on the cheerleader squad. He knew from previous conversations with Sandy that Linda was a virgin, at least in terms of sex with boys, but had "played around" a bit with girls.From the pictures he saw of her, some taken by Sandy, Woody assumed that Sandy had taken full advantage of her sensual curiosity.Linda could almost see Sandy and her friend, all those years ago, as they touched each others' bodies for the first time.Hearing Sandy tell the story, Linda had squirmed and pressed her legs together on the couch, something Sandy didn't miss.

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