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FROM THE BRITTNEY SPEARS SONG, "IF YOU SEEK AMY." IF YOU ADD SPACES, IT READS: I-F-U-SEA-K, JUST PLACE THE LETTER "C" FOR "SEA." I TRIED IT TO SEE IF I COULD GET AWAY WITH IT. I asked the driver why he had it, he told me he was the health inspector! Hacker"; This is my plate, I just picked it up the other day.NOT ONLY DID IT WORK, BUT IT GOT ME WRITTEN UP BY MY HUMAN RESOURCES FOR "INAPPROPRIATE MATERIAL" AT WORK. I own "No Tag" in TX, someone else spotted this NV plate at the hacker convention DEFCON source: Vote for my plate too! I've been dying to get a personalized plate for a while now, and I've wanted something with a little 1337ness; I think this counts!I got \"IMTAKEN\" on my tag b/c I am married, actually got it before I got married. 2BLND4U there is someone else in the town that i live in that has TRUBLND well she is not a blonde so i chose 2BLND4U (to blonde for you) because most people tell me and am such a blonde and i have learned to blame all my mistakes, stupidity and ditzyness on my blonde hair!!!I'm a huge Star Wars fan, so when I got my new Prius I had to get a Star Wars plate.Most people have a hard time reading it but it wasn't my intent. The Isuzu Vehicross looks like a warthog (the animal), it has "tusks" in the grill, mirrors that look like floppy ears, and the bumps on the headlights look like the horns above the eyes of a warthog (and are actually called "horns lights" by VX enthusiests) 2. Since state only allows up to 7 characters, I added the additional ones before and after. I was at the Crystal Lake, IL train station & I saw this one several years ago.The DMV accepted it but warned that they might recall it due to how hard it was to read, I've had it 8 years and counting. The Vehicross looks slightly (it's a stretch) like the Warthog vehicle in the Halo video game (at least more so than any other production vehicle). While not a Halo fan I am a gamer so it seemed appropriate. The first letter "E" is given to all environmental plates.

the lyric goes, "you know i got the windows tinted, with that thug ass license plate that says, NAH HE DIDN'T!=PBack in the 1980's a friend of mine made a bet I couldn't get these letters on the new Wisconsin Vanity plates for my 1968 AMX. One night I was stopped in Milwaukee, WI by a black police officer for being in a car lot looking at cars after it closed and he called in the plate to the main office reading each letter and not realizing the word.The dispatcher came back on laughing and said \\\\"Yo Mama\\\\'s OK\\\\" and the policeman laughed so hard I thought he would wet himself. My mother gave me a birthday card with a quote from Peirre Ronsard, "Live now, believe me, wait not til' tomorrow, gather the roses of life today." Happy Birthday, Love Mom. I special ordered the plate for my newly purchased convertible, that I always wanted.Never thought the plate would be made: since the boxes were full, I put "FLICK U" on the top line of the top box. I'm a girl who likes girls so if you see me coming, "Hide your wife!" I loved it but had to take it off after that stupid "hide your kids, hide your wife" video went viral on You Tube.

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