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Former Disney star Bella Thorne, now 20, revealed on Monday that she was abused both physically and sexually until she was 14.Speaking Wednesday from her Los Angeles home, Bella's mom Tamara Thorne (left and with her daughter) told Daily it was the first time she had ever heard about the shocking abuse that allegedly happened under her roof.She bumped into her idol, Angelina Jolie, and instantly made a new friend.She smiled and laughed as the Oscar winner, herself a mother-of-six, was charmed by the youngster.Pictured left to right, Diane Kruger, Emma Roberts and Kate Bosworth joined Angelina on the carpet in white frocks as well for the awards show - a stark contrast to the all-black looks for the Golden Globes four days prior.She may have been one of the smallest nominations, but Brooklynn Prince made the biggest impression of the star-studded line up at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Thursday night.Presenter Walton Goggins accepted the award on Franco's behalf at the Critics Choice Awards on Thursday night after the actor flew back to New York following the Golden Globes.

Trump made headlines on Thursday when he lashed out in a meeting with lawmakers about immigration reform, demanding to know why the US should accept citizens from what he called 's**thole' countries.Montecito resident Rob Lowe roasted Bella Thorne on Instagram Thursday after the actress complained of her traffic troubles amid the southern Californian mudslides that have left 17 dead, 43 missing and hundreds trapped inside their homes.The 20-year-old 'My Own Worst Enemy' actress took to her Twitter page Wednesday writing: 'F**k u 101 Barbara.Speaking at a Q&A following a special screening of his new documentary Life in 12 bars in London on Wednesday, the Tears in Heaven hitmaker confessed his shame over roaring the fascist party's slogan to a packed crowd.Rella Rivera, 42, of Oahu, Hawaii, was shopping at the store with her daughters Ryley, eight, and Rylyn, five, when they spotted cashier William Va’ana (left with the girls). ' (top right) as their mother filmed the moment, with the employee happily playing along as the Dwayne Johnson-voiced character.

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