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But, because it’s a better quality erection, it’s a bit bigger too.'Men don’t talk about their sexual issues with other men - at least in my experience.So It’s not something that comes up, but on occasion I advised other men to look into it. The heat dissipates in the tissue rapidly to allow the heat to dissipate in the tissues of the vagina.

The very same woes which see millions of pounds spent on over-the-internet prescription medicines.

Within a week he had noticed a better erectile response, with the improvement continuing for just over a month. Something which has strengthened their relationship.‘The quality of orgasm improves too.

I’m not sure how much is due to the positive effect on the relationship, the higher level of confidence or the actual physical effect itself - probably a combination of those.

Although it does help that I also have a very understanding and sympathetic partner.’ Nina also opted to have a second procedure called the Mona Lisa Touch.

Billed as a beneficial bolt-on to the O-Shot, it uses CO2 Laser for the management of vaginal atrophy, which sees countless women suffer dryness, irritation, painful intercourse and incontinence - symptoms commonly experienced after childbirth or as a result of the menopause‘The medications I was on after that had a devastating effect on my erectile function.

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