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With this eclectic crew (plus some hippy lance jack, Do... ), Keroro attempts to conquer the planet through one convoluted scheme after another, though sometimes he feels torn between his mission and his obligation to the Hinata family... Surprisingly, for a series that's not meant to be taken seriously, often has No Fourth Wall, and is frequently brimming with pop-culture references, it has a lot of heart.

Though it stops far short of being sappy, there are many heartwarming moments sprinkled in that sometimes constitute Tear Jerker material.

However, production came to a standstill after the completion of their third, and as of February 2013, the show is "now on hiatus" — though, another, more faithful English dub provided by the Animax network is still going strong in a few select countries of the series' birth continent.

Keroro Gunso is a series about a group of aliens led by Sergeant Keroro that is tasked by the army of Planet Keron to prepare Earth for their invasion.

However, the platoon of five ends up being friends with humans in Inner Tokyo, and their plans of invasion stuck up indefinitely.

It's still firmly in the comedy genre, though, and hence, occasionally brings these scenes to an abrupt halt with a quick joke.

Rounding out the cast is an assortment of eccentric humanoids, including Momoka Nishizawa, bi-polar scioness of a multi-billion-dollar international corporation who hangs out with Tamama and has a serious crush on Fuyuki; Mutsumi Saburo, a smooth talking poet/artist/radio show host who hangs out with Kululu; Koyuki Azumaya, New Transfer Student and Ninja girl who hangs out with Dororo and is a rather close friend of Natsumi; and Angol Moa/Mois, a ditzy alien girl who has a crush on Keroro and the power to destroy an entire city block with literally a fraction of her power ("Armageddon One Ten-Millionth! Insanely popular in Japan, the manga was eventually released in North America in 2004 by Tokyopop, with the title .

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