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The truth is children will never be ready to accept their mother is looking for a new romantic partner.Simply speak to them candidly about it, but emphasize that they are still important to you.The problem is that we do not known when a relationship becomes serious and once it does, the child would be so shocked that his mother was actually dating.Do not be in a rush – Enjoy the dating process in your own sweet time.When asked which girlfriend he was referring to, he said laughing, “I don’t want to say.

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Tell the child that you are dating – Some single mothers tend to wait until a relationship turns serious before they break it to their kids.

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includes: Our dating members are from all over the world so it doesn't matter if you're interested in London dating, New York singles, or LA swingers.

The cat that got the cream: Jim Carrey premiered his latest girlfriend on the beach in Malibu, California today Jim was most recently dating 23 year old Russian student Anastasia Vitkina.

Jim Carrey, 50, also has a son with model and actress Jenny Mc Carthy, conceived during a five-year-old relationship that many believed had seen the comedian tamed.

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