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Millie, our guide, showed us different figures inside the cave, including what appeared to be a dragon.

She also had us look up when we got to the bottom, to see the crystal dome overhead that gave the cave its name.

We noticed that the bread that Hunter had put out for the birds the previous night was gone, but it wasn’t birds that had taken it.

We stopped briefly to take a photo at the old Booger Hollow Trading Post. This rest stop, located just inside the Ozark National Forest atop a mountain, was the very first rest stop in Arkansas.

Follow along with Kat Robinson and her daughter Hunter as they spend spring break road trippin' along Arkansas' Scenic Highway 7.

Their fifth day was spent exploring scenic stops, state history and natural caves.

It’s been closed eight years now, and it’s starting to really fall apart. Back in the 1930s, the wives of Rotarians noted the heavy traffic along the highway and decided it needed a good stopping place.

Hunter had picked up a brochure along the way, and shared it with me.

Spring Break is a great time to travel to a destination and enjoy experiences with your family. For me and my daughter Hunter, it’s time for a road trip.

Last week, we traveled the entire length of Scenic Highway 7, the longest state highway in Arkansas.

We found attractions along the way and share where we went.

I noticed the birds waking and getting louder over the several minutes it took for the sky to get brighter.

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