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He begged his father, Helios, to let him drive the magnificent, golden carriage across the heavens.

The god of the sun finally gave in and handed Phaethon the reigns…” Reblogged 4 years ago from snowflake912 3 notes Caskett, Kate Beckett, richard castle, Stana Katic, fanfiction, castle, castle season 5, watershed, nathan fillion, stanatics, fillioners, love, greek mythology, So three weeks (give or take a couple of days).

I’ll still post them as individual posts, but someone asked if there was a #hashtag for them, and I hadn’t been doing one, so I thought I’d just collect them all on a convenient page!

So, here is Fanficwriter GHC’s (also ERAlban’s) collective Castle Episode Analysis:————————————————–5x24 - Watershed1.

, Monticello Barn Sales- Authorized Derksen Dealer, Dallas Cowboys - All 22, Numbers USA, Wildlife S.

Collected here are all of the episodes that have aired from season four onward.

In another world (several other worlds), I enjoy some popularity as a writer. I know there are a lot of silent readers too - come out and say hi?To date, this might be the least popular thing I’ve written. Castle-verse, I’d love to hear why this doesn’t work before I give up on it. ” she murmurs, her voice teasing, pressed into all the intimate parts of his being like she knows precisely all the ways she undoes him. castleeditcaskettkate beckettrichard castlestana katiccastleotp: partners in crime and life6x01s6minegifscastle gifs*caskettthis proposal was the BOMB . Babies Lovers, All 22, Trending on Pop, Without Walls Ministries, Bright Side, Blossom, Joey Salads, Castle and Beckett, Stana Katic Brasil, Katherine Houghton Beckett, Castle" Quotes - Rick and Kate, Castle Murder Investigation, Caskett Always, Ocean Landings Resort & Racquet Club, Rick Castle and Kate Beckett, Castle - I just want you, Stanathan - Caskett, Always Castle, Crossett Floral, The Buzz Digger, Fox Sports Radio 92.7 Camden, Atwoods Ranch and Home, Pop Icons, Dodo Impact, Power of Positivity, Dallas Cowboys UNITE, I Love My Cowboys, Dolphins Lover, Godly Dating 101, I Love Halloween, I Love Dolphin, Underwater World, Cats, Castle Ultimate Fan Page, Castle Quotes Club, The Concert Lounge, Liftable, Dallas Cowboys Stuff, Dallas Cowboys Fans, Louis L' Amour, Do You Remember? Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Fine Jewelry, Word Of God, Animalist, Secrets of Cocoa Beach, Ron Jon Cocoa Beach Triathlon, Monticello Police Department, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, N8v Beauties, My Dad Is An Angel In Heaven, Kyoot, Hashem Al-Ghaili, Beautiful Jewelry, Dreamland Jewelry, Comic, Visit Queensland, Australia, Big Lots, Galapagos Conservancy, All That's News, Beautiful Now, Turtle Conservancy, Stana Katic, 247Sports, Country Lifestyle, Alt_driver, Stage, IHOP (2810 Wolfcreek Parkway, Memphis, TN), Dolphin Research Center, The Seeing Eye, Inc., Soufeel Jewelry, Mob Stub Daily Deals, Daily Smile, I Love My Family, Franklin Graham, Visit South Walton, Tanya Carroll Richardson, SOS Donation - Feed Shelter Dogs, OXO, Remrov's Artwork, I Love Dogs - Animal Advocate Wendy Diamond, Dogs Today Magazine, American Kennel Club, Soi Dog Foundation, Mayo Clinic, Monticello Animal Clinic, AARP Member Advantages, Bealls Florida, Florida Pride, The Federalist Papers, Animal Rescue Home, Caramel Creams, Cetacean Summit, Assisi Pain Relief for Pets, Visit Sevierville, Marlo Thomas, Secure America Now, Rock It News, Autism Awareness, I Love My Dog, I Love My Husband, Tourism Ireland, I Love My Dog Love Love Love, Jackson Galaxy, i Love, Trifexis (spinosad milbemycin oxime), Southland Park Gaming and Racing, Tony Evans, The Best Animals In The World, Red Lobster (Pine Bluff, AR), The Container Store, DAV, Dogs Deserve Better, Fuzzy Snail, SPCA of Brevard Adoption Center, Dolphin Friends,, The Freecycle Network, Working On You, God Fruits, Only In Arkansas, Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Open Waters, Dunns Falls Water Park, American News, VENUS Swim & Fashion, Jesus Loves You, American Center for Law and Justice, Faves USA, LEO USA, MRCTV, Qpolitical, Sports Grid, UPROXX Sports, Vin Diesel, NFL Fan Buzz, Fan Buzz, Alliance Defending Freedom, Buffalo Wild Wings, Hellmann's, SF Globe Nature, The Vine & the branch Connection, Dallas Cowboys on NB, Vote Them Out, Dallas Cowboys on 247Sports, NFL on FOX, Sports, Your Nation, Peanut's Hair Attraction, Pizza Hut, Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Florida (Official), For America, Winter Dolphin,, Vanness Engraving, Gifts, and Bridal Accessories, Vanness Cake is now Art Is In Cakes, Petcentric by Purina, End the Arkansas Parole Crisis., App Store, E's Closet Boutique, Pillsbury, Marriott Rewards, Open Sky, GUESS, Deja Vu Upscale Consignment, Duracell, Chef Boyardee, Walmart,, Save The Dolphin-Safe Tuna Label!

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