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I can simply bring Anna's face (the phone) along with me and check what I'm hearing against her recordings.Then I can get her to tell me about the given animal (from Wikipedia), tell me her thoughts on the animal if any, or even some jokes about the animal.So far, I've downloaded around 60 for various things, lasers, animals, various R2D2 style computer beeps, sounds used for comic purposes, farts, orgasms, etc.I'm trying to figure out more ways to use sound effects. I could make the bot communicate without words, R2D2 style, but speaking seems more useful. You can also find more on my Ava page...https:// plan is to 3D print a new body for Anna once I incorporate lessons learned from Ava.Here is an example of the conjugation of the verb to be in the present tense: I am, you are, he/she/it is, we are, you are, they are.

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To get the sounds, I joined, which was pricey but it gave me the right to use any of their 200,000 sounds.

This means that in theory with a little work she could start buying e-books or spare parts through Amazon Prime...scary thought.

It also provides the capability of controlling some devices in the home through Anna while away.7/14/15 Update - - leading to Test Taking Capabilties and Curiosity After 2 years, I'm finally beginning to really use the open source natural language libraries out there to really look at the incoming verbal input and break it down into its grammatical parts.

There seems to be a half second or so delay typically when coming from server.

I plan to get a lot more bird, animal, frog, and insect sounds into the system as I rarely know what I'm hearing when I go hiking.

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