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As he left Broadcasting House today Mr Evans was asked if it was right he was paid 15 times more than the Prime Minister and said: 'Is it fair?I think the most important thing is we are the ultimate public company and it is probably on balance right and proper that people know what we get paid'.Strictly's Claudia Winkleman is the highest paid woman but she took home £1.75million less a year than Evans and no women earned more than her £500,000 salary.Woman's Hour host Jane Garvey branded Radio 2 - whose male stars dominate the rich list - 'extraordinarily male and entirely pale' as a string of high profile women slammed the gender gulf in pay.

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However, I'm not sure that this makes it a good movie.Other BBC insiders say that publishing the salary details is going to push up salaries or see talent leave for rivals.Former BBC chairman Lord Grade said today that agents would be using the rich list of stars earning more than £150,000 to either secure a pay rise or a lucrative deal with a rival broadcaster.There's only way this can go and that is that the talent salaries and wages will round upwards, they won't go down.I guarantee you that.' Female stars including Claudia Winkleman remained silent and she refused to discuss their gender pay gap as she arrived home from work today.

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