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“When Kevin heard they had a sleepover at her house, everyone wanted to know about it,” a source tells the new issue of Star.“He lit up a cigarette and said he guessed you have to head to the dump to find trash, referring to how Britney and Howie met while in rehab.” Apparently, K-Fed isn’t the only one with a low opinion of Day.Singer-songwriter Howie Day was sitting in a coffee shop in Denver one morning while on tour, when he saw in his Twitter notifications CERN had shared a parody video of his hit song “Collide”, sung from the perspective of a proton in the Large Hadron Collider.After a brief exchange on Twitter, he decided to record the parody himself, and make a new video during a visit to CERN. Sarah Charley, US communications manager for the LHC experiments, had come up with the idea for the original parody video.‘I think Houdini has been reincarnated,’ and Howard said after witnessing the impressive section which had the judges worried when she appeared to stop moving beneath the water.Pop star Howie Day was arrested at Boston's Logan International Airport for rowdy behavior aboard an American Airlines flight.

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A passenger aboard the plane told the Herald a flight attendant fawned over the star and "it was really disturbing how many drinks" he was served during the Boston-bound flight.

“Obviously nothing can prepare you for the sheer scale of the place, but also the people who worked there were amazing,” says Day.

“I felt completely overwhelmed and humbled the entire time.

He pleaded “no contest” to the fan incident, was fined and ordered to apologize; he served a year of probation for the episode aboard the plane.

“People have told Britney point-blank this guy has a permanent barstool in the Loser Lounge,” a friend told Star.

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